Payment Maps

The world of Payments is not as unambiguous as one may thing it is. There are different flavours of Payments Processing across the World. Seemingly similar Payment Systems also work in different ways!!!

Country Maps

Get to know the different Payment Systems around the world. Hover over the country to know about the Payment Systems in the country. Click to view the details

Thematic Maps

Some flavours of payment processing are increasingly gaining popularity and acceptance in today’s world. Get a glimpse of the in-trend Payment Systems below

Countries that have Instant Payments as shown below. Click on the country to know about the payment system.

CountryPayment System NameYear of Starting
IndiaImmediate Payment System (IMPS)2008
IndiaUnified Payment Interface (UPI)2016
South Korea
Sri Lanka
CountryPayment System NameYear of Starting
CountryPayment System NameYear of Starting
CountryPayment System NameYear of Starting

Countries with Payment Systems that allow alias based payments, i.e., payments processed with aliases to bank account numbers like mobile numbers or virtual payment ids, etc. They are the new-age payment systems that make P2P payments very easy. Remembering account number and bank routing numbers are a thing of the past!

Mobile Money Operators have become an alternate to banks as a easy-to-use depository institution and payment service provider. A trend that started in low-banked countries of Africa has now spread globally with many countries allowing mobile operators to offer banking/payment services.

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